Friday, November 9, 2012

happy halloween

We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween so we didn't try squeezing too much into one day. The kids did most of the cleaning out of pumpkins themselves. They helped trace and carve their own pumpkin this year. TJ and Russell were skeleton ninjas, and Amelia was a fairy princess. Trevor and the kids dressed up like a cowboys for the Banfield Halloween party because Dad's team had a western theme.

The kids lasted about an hour Trick -or -Treating. They were tired from all the excitement of the week. Grandma helped everyone get ready and then held Abigail at home so I could go out with Trevor and the kids. Mom also brought me down a Little Red Ridding Hood costume to wear for the evening. When we came home the kids ate candy and we all watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Halloween night at Carol's house

scooping out guts

Cat, spider, scary face

Thanks Grandpa Russell, Grandma Kathy and Aunte London for the real cowboy outfit
Dressed warm for the night
The kids were a little timid at some decorated houses.

At home with Abigail

  Baby Abigail came home on the 25th of October. Everything went well at the hospital. Her brothers and sister were very excited to have her home (especially because the baby brings them home a present). Ameila got a Cinderella Duplo set and the Boys got a 1,368 piece Lord of the Rings Lego Castle to put together. Everyone stayed happy and busy.

So excited to start building. It's the biggest Lego set they've ever gotten.

What you can't see here is the Lord of The Rings Soundtrack playing on Trevor's i-phone and Amelia dancing around the preschool room.
A fruit bouquet from Trevor's work.

Matching sister pajamas

Thanks Grandma for the cute outfit
A peek into the creative room

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brothers and Sister at the Hospital

The kids spent a few hours at the hospital Wednesday after school. They each took a turn holding her. Abigail slept through it all.

 I love this picture because of the boots and the sunshine in the background. This baby was born in Washington where the weather in October can't quite make up its mind. I also like it because TJ is so cute holding his new baby sister.

Russell was most interested in the baby's umbilical cord. He wanted to know when that thing would fall off.

Giving Amelia a little one on one time. She's had the most difficult time adjusting to the new baby.

Trevor and his four kids.
My last picture before leaving the hospital
Dad's last hospital picture

Baby Abigail

Baby Abigail was born Tuesday, October 23rd at the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We went in at 6:30 and had her at 12:20. She weighed 8 lbs and 9 oz and was 21 inches long. I'm sure glad I didn't wait another week until her due date because she was already a big baby. Everything at the delivery went well except for my half epidural. My right side numbed and the left felt everything:) Luckily she came quickly and the anticipation of finding out what we were having got me through it. Trevor and I were so surprised we got a girl. We both thought she would be a boy. The family all loves her and she is thriving. We are so thankful this new precious spirit has joined our family. 

Before the craziness:)
After the craziness:)

A little more craziness:)
After the craziness:)

Connie and Carol came by to see the baby